Cate is a humanitarian and travel photographer. With a background in Sociology, Creative Arts and Travel she has lived both in the UK and overseas. From desolate desert towns in Southern Africa to the chaotic streets of Vietnam’s capital, Cate has lived alongside many an eccentric lifestyle absorbing intricacies of both people and places in an extraordinary journey of discovery.

Her work focuses on capturing the essence of people and the places in which they live as well as celebrating events and stories from around the world. Her recent photography book 'Beyond A Thousand Hills' is an intimate visual journey through contemporary Rwanda, celebrating a range of exciting developments.

In addition to her own work Cate facilitates participatory photography projects in the community. She set up Picture Connections as a way of working therapeutically with the camera to promote well being and positive social change across a wide range of contexts. For more information please visit www.pictureconnections.org

Contact: capturedonceuk@gmail.com