Cate is a published travel and arts photographer. With a background in Sociology, Creative Arts, Psychotherapy and Adventure Travel she has lived both in the UK and overseas. From desolate desert towns in Southern Africa to the chaotic streets of Vietnam’s capital, Cate has lived alongside many an eccentric lifestyle absorbing intricacies of both people and places in an extraordinary journey of discovery.

Cate has exhibited her images and produced work for NGO's and international magazines. Her work is largely humanitarian, focusing on capturing the essence of people and the places in which they live as well as celebrating events and stories from around the world.

In addition to her own work Cate facilitates participatory photography projects, working therapeutically with the camera to promote well being and positive social change across a wide range of contexts. She is currently studying a pioneering Masters in Inclusive Arts Practice.

Much of Cate's work is inspired by an awareness of self and other and many of her images focus on notions of belonging & displacement.

If the lens is an extension of the self, it is an intermediary tool between the photographer and the external world. The image is an interaction, a moment influenced both by the photographer and the photographed, creating and representing something unique, something that can only be Captured Once.

“Photography deals exquisitely with appearances, but nothing is what it appears to be” - Duane Michals